About us


The community choir started in April 2014 as a Women's Institute choir and evolved into a 40 strong mixed community choir with members from all walks of life.

We pride ourselves on our welcoming environment, eclectic repertoire and the amount of laughter that accompanies our rehearsals. 

In September 2017 Sing17 started a day choir for people who required or preferred to sing in the daylight hours. 

Then in January 2020 Laura took on the leadership of the Mixtape Choir from Rosie Dow. Mixtape had already been running for two years and has a strong membership of pop, soul and 80's bangers enthusiasts!

Sing17 is very much made up of local people of different ages and abilities. We love to collaborate with other community groups whether it's a choir festival, care home singalong or local event.

We have two mascots. One is the delightful 'Shirley' one of our wonderful member's vintage route master bus. The other is 'Tia'a rescued Staffordshire Bull terrier who belongs to choir leader Laura. You can see both of them featured in our logo!

(logo design by creativehannah.co.uk)


Laura Forbes - Choir Founder & Leader

Laura is an experienced choir leader, Dalcroze teacher and musician working with a diverse range of community groups in Waltham Forest and Haringey. 

Her passion is making music accessible and invigorating to people of varying abilities. Sing17 strives to create a nurturing and relaxed environment for the choirs which is perfect to overcome any singing hang ups or inhibitions. The effect means members leave the sessions feeling uplifted and bonded with other members. Although Laura has an informal approach she is sure to challenge and engage all singers with interesting arrangements. There is a strong sense of unity in Sing17 and this creates great music and high quality performances!

The unofficial Choir committee!
Anne - Right hand woman

Anne is first to welcome new members to the choirs and fill them in on what's what. Along with helping with the admin, Anne has moved Sing17 from strength to strength by suggesting charities we can fundraise for, approaching communities to collaborate with and making sure Sing17 are on the gig map! We have raised over £3500 for charity over the last five years.


Leigh - Left hand woman

Like Anne, Leigh has been in the choir since day dot. She is passionate about London life and making sure the choir mark important events such as the WW1 centenary and Remembrance day. When Leigh's elderly neighbour passed away without any family the choir sang at her funeral. 

Leigh enjoys rewriting lyrics to reflect Waltham Forest life and will pull out her vinyl collection at the drop of a hat for a listening party!