Fund us, keep us

We are determined to keep our choir community alive despite singing becoming a 'high-risk' activity in the face of Covid19. 

Right now amateur singers are not allowed to meet in groups to sing. This applies to indoor and outdoor singing. 


We will continue to be virtual until it is safe to resume in 3D.


Have you ever sung with us, enjoyed a gig of ours or supported our fund- raising? We want you to have something to come back to, something to look forward to. We need your help now to keep our choir on the road.

Don’t donate, invest.  Invest in the future of community music, the future of choirs, the future of Sing17.

Walk The Dog package.

Invest £15 and under,  In return you get.......

  • A big lick from Tia, our rescue dog and mascot.

  • A guaranteed seat at our Enormous Coming Out party gig in 2021

  • Our endless gratitude

  • Regular newsletter

  • Advance invitations to all our future gigs, for ever

  • Call outs and dedications on request

  • A warm fuzzy glow from knowing you helped us survive

  • Big thanks from all those outreach charities we sing with and support


Ride The Bus package:

Invest over £15,  in return you get........As above PLUS

  • A ride on Shirley, the route master bus, as soon as we’re allowed out again.

Email for bank details or use PayPal