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Our music


The repertoire we sing is​ very open to different genres of music and Laura regularly takes song requests from the choir. We are an intergenerational choir from all walks of life so there is a huge and diverse range. Laura arranges the songs for up to four parts and uses a mixture of A cappella,  live accompaniment or backing tracks.

Songs are all taught using call and response so no need to read music, just enthusiasm and a sense of fun. Parts are often recorded and sent out to members via dropbox so you can practice at home.

Some song titles include:

  • Seven Nation Army

  • Girl on Fire

  • Wellerman

  • Somebody to Love

  • Nothing's gonna stop us now

  • Africa

  • Human

  • Pompeii

  • Santy Anno

  • Go West

  • Plovi Barko (Croatian folk song)

  • Sound of Silence

  • The Chain

  • Time Like These

  • Streets of London

  • Rhythm of Life

  • Halo

  • Why Does My Heart?

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