Sing17 is financed by subs alone so please put a reminder in your diary to send payment on time.


If you are not joining us on Zoom but are keen to return when we resume in 3D then please think about keeping your subs going. You can still access lyrics, audio recordings and send in your vocal to be added to mass song recordings. 


Don't let subs stop you singing. If times are hard talk to Laura and we'll find a way to see you through.


Who would have thought we’d be Zooming for 5 months? Huge thanks to everyone who has stuck with us. Because things have gone all virtual and complex, our subs system has to change too.

These are the small but important changes for September.

  • Your first session is free. This gives you a chance to 'taste' the choir and try before you buy.

  • Buy a block of 6 sessions (£30 in advance) and spend them as you wish within 3 months

  • Minimum pay-as-you-go subs is £5. If you wish to pay more that’s wonderful.

  • All subs are transferable within the three Sing17 choirs

  • Payment cut off is 2 hours before the session. 

  • Zoom password will then be sent by email with the playlist for that session.

  • Please include a reference with your payment just for ease of admin

As ever, if payment is a problem please call Laura and we will work something out.

First timers email for bank details or you can use PayPal  but don't forget the first session is free!

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